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HELP ME to solve a mystery; My mothers cousin Elisabeth Hansson,was born 1891, in Jamtland,Sweden. She left Sweden for USA with friends via Trondheim in 1910 on the 18th of may. They went by the ship "Tasso" ,Cunard line. She had company with friends from her home parrish Berg;their names are: Elisa Erikson b.1887, Gustaf Olson b.1892 and Johan E Lundberg b 1890. Elisabeth, Elisa and Gustaf had Seattle as destination, but Johan had Minneapolis. This I have found on passengerslist in Norway. BUT as far as I know they first came to England and then went by other ship... but which one? Does anyone have knowledge about this? OR where can I find connections? Are there special ships that was connected to each other so you can be sure wich one these four travelled with over the atlantic? And where did they land when they first came to America? "My" Elisabeth later was married to a swedish man: Anderson in USA, and of what I have learned she first settled down in Seattle. They had three children,two boys (Hugo and Sigurd) and a girl(Agnes ?)The whole family visited Sweden around 1930 and at that time they maybe went via Gothenburg. And Elisabeth did have contact with my grandma antil around 1950...then the contact ended. And then all is a mystery. Hope someone will help me find some light!

Ingrid Wikberg

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