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I am searching for information on my grandfather, ERIK KARLSSON, b. 6/29/1887. I have a bible with the name LUDVIG KARLSSON in gold on front cover and I assume this was my great-grandfather. The family story is that my grandfather left Sweden to attend college in his late teens. I received info from another source stating that Erik Karlsson, age 19, from Vreta Kloster parish in Stergtland, left Goteborg on 22 March 1907 for New York and this information seems to match so far. I know that my grandfather had an older brother named GUSTAF or GUSTAV which also left Sweden for college in the USA prior to ERIK leaving. We are not sure if there were other brothers or sisters. I think the spelling of the surname changed from Karlsson to Carlson upon arrival in the USA. My grandfather's name here in the USA was Eric Harry Carlson. I understand that males are given bibles at age 15 in the Lutheran Church. Can anyone tell me how to find a list of Lutheran churches in this Vreta Kloster parish? I am trying to find my family line in Sweden. My dad, Charles Walter Carlson, is now 81 years and we are hoping to find the information for him. He knows very little about his father's family in Sweden. Thank you for any help you can provide on where I can get more information. Randy Carlson

Charles Randolph Carlson

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