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I am looking for relatives who are the descendants of CHRISTINA PERSDOTTER (born Oct 29, 1834 in Vastergensjo VNO; died Jan 10, 1923) and NILS SVENSSON (born Aug 9, 1839 in Langsele, Anundsjo, VNO). Their children born also in Langsele, Anundsjo, VNO. ANNA NILSDOTTER (b June 15, 1862) married PER PERSSON OSTMAN--children: Per George, Nils August, Erik Johan, Sven Albin.PETRUS NILSSON (LUNGREN?)(b Dec 11, 1864)m. MARTA JONSDOTTER--children: Nils, Jonas, Pelle, Tilda, Elin, 2 other daughters.SVEN NILSSON ULEN(b Mar 27, 1867)m. KRISTINA ??--children: Folke, Elsa, Anna.NILS AUGUST NILSSON, my grandfather (b June 28, 1869) m. ANNA MARTA LINDSTROM in 1876. Immigrated to Minnesota USA in 1903. Had 4 children in SW: Christine, Nils Albert, Sven Arvid, Signe and 5 more children in Minn.OLOF (OLLE) NILSSON (b July 9, 1871) m. ANNA??--children: Alvar, Dagny, Per Olof, Birgir, Anna, Anna Marta. Letter from Olof to Nils in USA from Nas, Bredbyn on Feb 1929 said he had retired from Logging Assoc., Alvar was studying medicine at university in Uppsala, Dagny had died in 1927, Per Olof was attending school in Harnosand.CHRISTINE NILSDOTTER (b Dec 18, 1873) m. ??NYBLUM. Christine was a teacher in Langsele and Sollfetea.JOHANN NILSSON ULEN (b Feb 25, 1876) m. AMANDA NELSON--children: Beatrice. John immigrated to Massachusetts USA.CARIN NILSDOTTER (b Jan 11, 1879).Would very much like to hear from or about any of my Swedish relatives. I wish to complete/add to my family history as well as correspond with family. I will be most happy to share any of the information I have with others. Thank you. Maxine Nelson Nunamaker

Maxine Nelson Nunamaker

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