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Looking for living Swedish relatives who might be descended from Peter Reinhold Grundberg. Born 16 November, 1782, in Skredsvik, Sweden. Married Catharina Emerentia Rhodin, in 1808 at Slattatkta, Sweden. Had many sons, Lars Reinhold Grundberg, Frederick August, Harald Ludvig, Emric, and Carl E> Grundberg. Our family here in the States descends from Lars Reinhold. We believe there may be living Grundbergs descended from Harald Ludvig, or from Lars Reinhold's son Johan, who came to the States in 1881 and returned to Sweden, we think, about 1883. Lars Reinhold married Clara Brink, who is related to the Krussels, and perhaps to the Swedish explorer, Sven Hedin. Any help would be appreciated. Key to much of it may be with relatives who may be living in the Uddevalla area. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Todd Grundberg
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